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Yvonne Nelson’s encounter with a Nigerian cult member who requested her blood sample

As readers’ attention has been riveted by the section of Yvonne Nelson’s book that describes her interaction with a very strong Nigerian politician, more and more horrifying tales are emerging from it.

A part of her book depicts her escape from what may have been a terrible end to her career, aside from the conflicting emotions her sexual antics and identity concerns have sparked on social media.

Yvonne described in her book some terrifying incidents that occurred while she was in Nigeria.

She recalled a time when a friend set up a meeting for her and a particular politician at Lagos’ well-known Eko Hotel and Suites, only for the politician to demand a sample of her blood for an alleged HIV test.

“My buddy the actress said her uncle wanted to meet me. She had all the patience in the world for me that day despite the fact that I promised her I had a long day and wouldn’t close early. As soon as she arrived, she parked her Range Rover and waited until I was done filming around midnight. She made it sound like we were heading for a crucial business meeting, so I agreed to drive through the dangerous country of Nigeria at that hour of the night.

“She picked me up, and by the time we were at the Eko Hotel—where the alleged uncle was—it was midnight. The aforementioned friend’s uncle was staying in the opulent Signature Suite. As a well-liked governor or senator of one of the states in Nigeria, she described him to me.

She left me and him in the room and went to the suite’s lounge. The absence of a chair in the space looked intentional. I perched on the side of the bed, and what followed was the awkwardest stillness I can ever recall. I thought it was silly that he thought I would know what to say or do.

“The drama was more complex than that. In the living room, there was a fourth person. After having a brief conversation with him, the politician left and returned to inform me that I should give him a sample of my blood for an HIV test because the man was his doctor. He said that it was only a minor irritation and that everything will be resolved quickly, she stated.

Yvonne Nelson claimed that she felt the request to be insulting and denied it; yet, this decision cost her less money (a few soiled naira notes) than if she had complied.

“I thought that was startling and insulting. Even if I wanted to sleep with him, just that would have turned off any other woman. Why did he believe I wouldn’t be interested in his if he was curious about mine? I informed him that I had not come for that purpose and that I would not be taking any tests.

“I was terrified, but I remained calm and firm. In the suite, there were two guys and two women, but the other woman was siding with the two men, leaving me by myself. I would be left on my own if things got out of hand. She had stated that the man was her uncle, but I later learned that he wasn’t; yet, she was aware of his motivation.

He said something to my friend about how I was acting strange when he realized he wouldn’t get his way, she continued. We soon left the motel and began to travel. He pulled some soiled Naira notes from the briefcase that was resting on the bed in the room and offered my companion them for our “transport” back home. I received half of a million Naira from my pal.

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