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Yvonne Nelson shoots herself in the foot?

In her attempt to refute rapper Sarkodie’s account of the abortion she had in 2010, which the rapper caught in a song published on June 28, 2023, actress Yvonne Nelson seems to have contradicted herself.

In her book, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” Yvonne accused Sarkodie of having an affair with her in 2010. Sarkodie denied any wrongdoing and expressed what looked to be a firm wish for her to terminate the child.

Yvonne Nelson made the decision to terminate the kid on her own, the rapper claimed in his counterargument, which was recorded on the ‘Try Me’ single. He claims that despite his requests for her to keep the child, she prioritized her education over the child.

Since the song’s release, Yvonne has tweeted her dissatisfaction with Sarkodie’s posture and lyrics, claiming that the rapper is trivializing her suffering.

However, GhanaWeb has noted that one of Yvonne’s tweets appears to go against what she claimed on page 85 of her book. The actress clarified in a tweet that Sarkodie’s assertion that she informed him she wanted to concentrate on her education was wrong because she was enrolled in school at the time.

“Michael, you claim I was desperate to abort because I needed to finish school,” said Yvonne’s tweet, which GhanaWeb was able to see. I had finished college when I got pregnant in 2010. Anyone can confirm this. You are aware that I wasn’t attending school. Find a rational lie to tell if you want to. However, the actress noted on page 85 of Yvonne Nelson’s book in Chapter 7, which discusses her prohibition by movie producers, that she was in her final year of college when she was prohibited. She said that the pregnancy and the ban made the situation difficult.

“I have to admit, it was a difficult year. I was in my last year of college. Acting was prohibited for me. The first three phrases on page 85 read, “I was pregnant and clearly not ready to host another human being.

Following an incident with film producer Abdul Salam Mumuni, Yvonne Nelson was banned by the Ghanaian Film Producers Association (FIPAG) in 2010.

According to her perspective, the shoot did not go as planned because “one of the lead characters did not show up” despite the fact that she had been on location for two different days, missed lessons, and a quiz. She would have had to be accessible the following day, but that was not going to happen.

“My altercation with Abdul Salam—if you can call it that—took place when we were playing 4Play Reloaded. When Abul Salam contacted to ask me to join the cast, I was in my last year of college at Central University. He was fully aware of my dedication to my academic obligations and the fact that I didn’t have much free time. I wasn’t prepared to postpone my program, and failing to earn a degree from CUC would make me hopeless.

“When he called, I had already given up a quiz to take an urgent call to go to the shoot’s set. I went to sit all day after leaving campus, but nobody showed. One of the main characters was absent.

The next day, I skipped class once more in order to go shooting, but nothing happened. We were informed that one of the main players served as a judge for the Miss Malaika pageant. She had been absent, and I had been kept away from my academic work by those obligations.

I informed Abdul Salam that I would not be returning the next day because I had already missed two days of class and a quiz. I spoke as though I had struck a match and put it into gasoline. He erupted and launched a patronizing tirade against me. Never have I seen him more irate. One of the crew members, Roger Quartey, kept lighting the flames of his ego until I departed that day.

“I didn’t get a call to come back to the shoot’s set. I didn’t hear from or about him again until a week later, when I read in the news that FIPAG had given me a one-year acting ban. She said in her book that it was the most popular story on all entertainment programs.

Yvonne Nelson makes a move to ‘clarify’ the school narrative.

The actress attempted to clarify in a subsequent tweet that she was not enrolled in school at the time since she was awaiting her certificate.

“I was pregnant when I started my glaucoma foundation, around October 2010,” she said. In October 2010, Central University awarded me a degree. Despite the fact that it was my final year, I had finished my coursework months before my pregnancy and the October graduation. All I was anticipating was my certificate.

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