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Yaw Blvck’s blissful new anthem, ‘Cloud 9’ slaps

‘Cloud 9’ by Yaw Blvck captures the emerging star’s shine in a package that transforms hardship into a joyous dancefloor-ready song that smacks, It couldn’t have come at a better moment, with summer in full swing!

‘Cloud 9’ is the summer jam for everyone looking to have a good time. Its relaxed ambiance, silky voices, and Amapiano-flavored production exude an addicting and simply delightful warmth. Yaw Blvck is more alive than ever, exuding pleasure and optimism befitting the season, and with good cause.

He creates not just a lively and danceable music, but also one that is profound and encouraging. According to the musician, his most recent release serves as a reminder of why he produces music. “I wrote ‘Cloud 9’ coming out of my lowest moment this year, at a point where I thought I had no one but myself,” Yaw Blvck explains.

“I missed the smaller victories because I was focused on what was yet to come.” Until I took a step back and realised how blessed I am – my chargie, family, and fans have all been really supportive, and I made this for all of them.”

According to the star, perspective is essential, and on the LiugeeBeatz-produced single, Yaw Blvck inspires followers to do the same. He hopes to take people to a new feeling of surprise and joy, saying, “This song put me on my ‘Cloud 9’ and I hope it helps you get to yours and gets you dancing.”

‘Cloud 9’ exemplifies Yaw Blvck’s promise and growth as a musician as he continues to experiment with different sounds and techniques. Don’t pass it up.

Boanerges Amoako
Boanerges Amoako
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