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Woman in court for divorce 2 months after marriage, saying husband’s sperm is not thick

The Nigerian woman, Salamat Suleiman, claims that she is already weary of managing her husband’s health issue and the entire marriage, which is why she wants to opt-out.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), she reportedly informed the court that she discovered her husband’s watery sperm after they were married.

Salamat apparently wants to become pregnant right away, but she’s worried that her husband’s sperm won’t be able to help her, so she decided divorce would be the best option.

In response to his wife Salamat’s request, Salamat’s husband acknowledges that he has a health problem but adds quickly that she also has a health issue.
However, he pleaded with the court to give him more time to resolve the misunderstanding and asked that the marriage not be dissolved. He declared that he still cared about Salamat and didn’t want to let her go.

Unfortunately for Salamat, the court did not grant her request; for the time being, the presiding judge, AbdulQadir Umar, declined it. Instead of rushing to end the partnership, he counseled her to keep an open mind and seek medical treatment for their health issues.

Umar continued by telling the couple that in order for their marriage to work, they would need to be willing to put up with one other’s flaws.

The couple was given until August 28 to submit a settlement report to the court, failing which the hearing was continued.

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