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What a fetish priest told Kumawood actress Mama Kali after her divorce

Mama Kali, also known as Adwoa Boahemaa, has revealed what a fetish cleric told her when she sought assistance following her divorce.

According to her, after obtaining a divorce decree from her spouse, her acquaintances advised her to visit a fetish priest because it was a painful experience and she therefore required assistance.

Mama Kali stated that life was intolerable for her because she received her divorce papers while she was grieving the loss of a family member.

Mama Kali stated in an interview with Delay monitored by GhanaWeb, “When the divorce papers arrived, my acquaintances kept telling me, ‘Boahemaa, this is agonising,’ and I was even in mourning when my husband’s sister delivered the divorce papers.

“After three days of heartbreak, human beings appeared to me as insects; this is why my friends urged me to consult with a fetish priest.”

“We went to see the fetish priest because we were all unhappy, but I was particularly unhappy despite the fact that my spouse was taking care of me. “When we arrived, the fetish priest attended to all the women who approached him, but when it was my turn, he said, ‘Woman, as for you, unless God’; so, that is what has helped me understand God better up until this point,” she explained.

The actress also revealed that she became extremely slender after her spouse announced he was leaving her.

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