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We will provide solution to Ho flooding -Ho MCE

According to Divine Bosson, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ho, the Municipal Assembly will work with other stakeholders to find a long-term solution to the flooding problems in the Ho municipality. The MCE asserts that Ho need several gutters and drains in order to permanently address the threat of floods. Numerous homes and businesses were impacted by the most recent flooding catastrophe on July 8, 2023. “Ho needs a lot of gutters and drains to handle the amount of water that runs through them whenever it rains. It must be a well-engineered project, and we will compile the report following the disaster managers’ final evaluation, according to Mr. Bosson. He declared that the Municipal Assembly will make the required efforts and submit a final assessment report for review to Accra. The MCE addressed the media on Sunday morning following his tour of the Ho municipality’s impacted districts following Saturday’s torrential rain. He attributed some of the problem to human activity, including building over waterways and other things. He asked locals to quickly halt it, especially those who litter gutters and those who construct on or farm near streams. However, he expressed sympathy to all those hurt by the flood on Saturday, which destroyed a number of homes and businesses in the municipality and resulted in losses estimated to be in the millions of cedis.

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