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We want to harmonize all schools’ code of conduct to make sanctions easier by GES

The Ghana Education Service (GES), according to Cassandra Twum Ampofo, head of the GES’s public relations unit, is now working to harmonize a code of conduct for Ghana’s secondary schools.

She claims that all schools have a code of behavior that students must follow, however, the specific rules and punishments for violations may vary from institution to institution.

She said that these separate codes of behavior need to be consolidated into a single set of standards that can be applied uniformly and make it simpler to punish those who break the laws.

To paraphrase one official: “When we talk about the Senior High Schools, what we have a slight challenge with is the fact that we do not have a general comprehensive code of conduct.”

“We’re harmonizing all the schools’ code of conduct so that we don’t have individual schools’ code of conduct, that you’ll pick School A’s code of conduct and probably the offenses and sanctions would be different from School B.”

It’s because “we want to harmonize all of them and have one so that when you go to all our Secondary schools there’s that common code of conduct that all of the schools will be using,” she said.

She mentioned that GES had completed the broad set of regulations and will soon send it to Council for evaluation and validation before having it formally authorized and released on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show.

She said, “As I speak to you, we’re done with the comprehensive one, and on Thursday, God willing, we’re laying before Council the new comprehensive code of conduct so that Council can look at it, review it, validate it, and give us the approval.”

After releasing a frightening video showing violent conduct between two pupils from Adisadel College, Cape Coast, Madam Cassandra made these remarks.

In the now-viral video, one student has another caught in an elbow lock and slams his head on the frame of a bunk bed in the hostel, causing his right cheek to immediately swell and ooze blood.

As a result of this sad development, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has sprung into action at once.

Since the GES considers school violence to be totally unacceptable and harmful to children as a whole, it is absolutely dedicated to ensuring that schools across the country are secure places where kids may learn without fear.

Meanwhile, as a result of the event, school administration has placed the suspected culprit on administrative leave while they look into the matter.

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