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Three key pointers in KKD’s son’s LGBTQ speech

Kenneth Darkwah Hundreds of LGBTQ people were led by Kyei Darkwah to a street demonstration in support of their rights in the UK; this event sparked a huge response from the general public. Other noteworthy remarks that couldn’t be overlooked include the fact that he is the son of well-known broadcaster KKD and the bravery he displayed in promoting values that are contrary to Ghanaian society. Let’s take a closer look at the main points he made when addressing the crowd during the protest for LGBTQ acceptance and rights. 1. The LGBTQ community will keep pushing for equality and won’t quit soon. “What you’re seeing today will continue to happen,” he said. Walking, marching, and battling will continue. We won’t be leaving your TV screens; we’ll stay there forever. 2. They don’t care whether or not people choose to support them. In his address, he made it clear that they are not protesting to win support from others and that they already possess qualities that define them as “whole” and self-assured. “To everyone crossing the street, to those who are sympathetic or indifferent. Because we want to see everyone, we are not walking. We are moving because, according to him, “We are fine, we are correct, we are lovely, and we are exquisite. 3. They advocate primarily for their freedom and rights. He added that they chose to demonstrate because their rights were being violated. “The cause for which we are fighting is one that threatens our freedom. Freedom is trans. Background In an effort to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ people, Kwaku Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah, a sales executive and stylist for some big fashion labels, was seen walking the streets of London. He was shown in a brief video with his blue long sleeve shirt undone to reveal his pink bra. A pair of pants and a lady’s bag hanging from his shoulder completed the look. He shouted into a loudhailer, calling for freedom and an end to discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. Others joined in, chanting in unison.

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