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The town in Ghana where rent is only GH¢40 a month

Rent has become extremely scarce and expensive over the years, and the situation has only worsened in recent years.

Despite being an essential need for all people, it is no longer inexpensive to acquire a mediocre dwelling with acceptable environmental conditions.

People can pay up to millions of dollars for rent in places such as Accra, whereas the cheapest average house costs between GH400 and GH800 per month for a single room chamber and hall, and very rarely, a two-bedroom house can go for GH1,000.

In contrast, residents of a remote village in Ghana’s Eastern Region pay as little as GH40 per month in rent.

In Gojiase, a suburb of the Suhum Municipality, residents pay this amount for a standard block-built home with a restroom and latrine.

In an interview with Zionfelix, a teacher in the community, Owusu Ansah revealed that he, for instance, paid GH30 for the first few years and then received a small increase from his landlord.

“The first year I lived here, I paid GH30 cedis in rent; that was two years ago, and this year the landlord wanted GH50 cedis, but I gave him GH40 cedis. I pay 480 Ghanaian cedis per year annually.

“They are block dwellings with ceilings, not thatched homes. We have a luxurious restroom and lavatory’, he noted.

Owusu Ansah explained that the Gojiase community, which consists primarily of farmers, has two water sources: a borehole and a stream, when discussing the other living conditions of the residents.

In addition, he disclosed that the majority of residents prepare their own food at home and that motorcycles are the most common mode of transit in the town due to the difficulty of acquiring vehicles.

“Everyone prepares their own meals at home. Kenkey costs GH1.50p and GH2. We utilise a community borehole and there is also a nearby stream.

“You may remain if you place yourself in their circumstances. Okada has assumed control of the local means of transit. From this location to Suhum, Okada will require GH8 and a car will require GH6. “It can take between two and four hours for a car to fill up and the driver to leave the station,” Owusu Ansah said.

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