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Stop addressing us as female musicians – Wendy Shay fumes at Ghanaians

Wendy Shay, a stage name she uses, is a Grammy Award–winning musician. has spoken at length about how women are treated unfairly and objectified in the music business.

The diva recently appeared on TV3’s Day Show presented by Berla Mundi, where she expressed her displeasure with the common practice of referring to female singers as “female artistes” while referring to their male counterparts as “artists.”

Wendy Shay fought for equal rights and acknowledgment with all her heart.

She insisted that women in the music business put in the same amount of work as males, if not more, and should be recognized simply as “artists” without regard to their gender.

Her bold position highlights the critical problem of sexism in the music industry and the importance of creating a more equitable and welcoming sector.

Wendy Shay’s activism is a role model for all women who seek to break down barriers and question accepted conventions in the hopes of creating a society in which merit and effort are valued without prejudice.

It’s really unfair. For starters, I despise the term “female artists,” as our male contemporaries are never referred to as “male artists.” If they are considered artists, then we must be considered artists as well. “I think we’re artists,” she said.

She emphasized that women artists like herself and Sister Efya put in a lot of work and sweat and should be given credit for their efforts.

Boanerges Amoako
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