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Stephen Koomson, brilliant SHS graduate-turned ‘galamseyer’ gets scholarship to learn law

After reports surfaced that Stephen Koomson, a smart but impoverished Senior High School (SHS) graduate, was engaging in illicit mining activities to make ends meet, the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) awarded him a full scholarship to study law at the University of Ghana (Legon).

The 21-year-old ex-Mpohor SHS student did respectably in the 2021 WASSCE (West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination), earning 5As and 3Bs overall. Due to financial constraints, however, he was unable to go to the following grade level in school.

Thankfully, a news item from only a few days ago revealed that he had been involved in galamse, an illegal form of mining. The hazardous mining activities had left him looking grimy in the photos accompanying the narrative.

Many Ghanaians reacted to Koomson’s story by appealing to charitable individuals and groups to help him. Fortunately, the GNPC has intervened to safeguard the young man’s future.

“We are enrolling him on the GNPC scholarship immediately to put his dreams of becoming a lawyer back on track and we are just as excited to offer him an opportunity to facilitate this in consonance with the tenets of our Education & Training mandate,” Dr. Dominic Eduah, Executive Director of the GNPC Foundation, said.

He went on to say that his organization is working with other interested parties to guarantee Koomson a spot in the University of Ghana’s law school for the upcoming school year.

Koomson thanked the GNPC for the opportunity and vowed to make the most of his education.

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