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Self-proclaimed ‘ex-American soldier’ captured on video threatening to kill Ghanaian waiter

A middle-aged man who claims to be an ex-military veteran in the United States was caught on camera threatening to kill a Ghanaian waiter at the Accra Mall in a frightening incident that was recorded on tape and shared with GhanaWeb.

According to eyewitness accounts, the frightening confrontation occurred at the forecourt of the Vida e Caffé location in the Accra Mall when the African-American guy attempted to eat food he had bought from another location inside the café’s boundaries in violation of their rules.

The coffee shop’s server carefully approached him to explain the policy, but the man’s reaction was anything but reasoned.

The eyewitness who provided the video claimed that the man became agitated, began using profane language, and even threatened the waiter with a gun.

“I saw a fight break out between an African American middle-aged man and a waiter yesterday at the Vida e Caffé in Accra Mall. The man apparently bought food somewhere else and chose to consume it at Vida e Caffé, which is against the rules, the eyewitness said.

“The man lost control and started using harsh language as the waiter gently approached him to explain the aforementioned restrictions. The eyewitness continued, “He even threatened the waiter, saying he had a pistol and would kill him.

The man can be heard screaming and shouting at the waiter in the video, threatening him directly and emphasizing that he would have killed the waiter if they were in America.

He declared, “I’mma kill your motherfking a.”
“I’m going to smoke you. The stated individual is heard saying, “I’mma get my homeboys to come here, I’mma get you smoked, I’m telling you.
“I’ll go to jail if they want me to,” the person said. He said, “What the f**k are you talking about?

Soon after some coffee shop customers requested that the staff warn them, some mall security personnel arrived.

At this time, the man could be heard stating that since the waiter was an ex-military officer, he had gotten the wrong person confused.

I have military training, and I spent 15 years working with the US army, he claimed.

Customers and workers at the café were noticeably startled by the interaction due to the man’s strong rage and the harsh language he used; attempts by those there to calm him down proved unsuccessful.

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