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See as one Mayor for Mexico town ‘marry’ crocodile for ritual

One mayor of a small Mexican town married a crocodile bride as part of a centuries-old custom for good fortune. A video demonstrates how to kiss the reptile and bind its jaws shut. According to reports, the seven-year-old crocodile known as the “little princess” represents a god who is connected to mother earth. Her union with the local chief served as a metaphor for the union of people and the divine. The Chontal and Huave indigenous groups of Oaxaca state are the likely originators of the di tradition. The fusion of two civilizations is na di. Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa addressed the crowd by saying, “The union of the Huaves and the Chontales.” As they pass me off to my ‘groom’ in the film, the crocodile is wearing a white ‘bridal gown’. Dem tie my mouth shut while the mayor pecks me. Pipo Gada was full of people dancing and celebrating. Olivia Perez, who was in charge of dressing up the crocodile, told Tori Pipo that she stood in for a lot of people since she brought rain, a healthy harvest, and water. The crocodile is subsequently shown in the video wearing an outfit with decorations all over it as her fiance dances with her and everyone else joins in the fun.

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