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Secret recording exposes plot by NPP guru, senior police officials to remove Dampare from office ahead of 2024 election.

A series of covert recordings obtained by GhanaWeb reveal details of a scheme by some senior members of the government’s New Patriotic Party and the Ghana Police Service to remove Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, the incumbent inspector general of police, before the 2024 elections. The group, who were captured in a secret meeting, came to the conclusion that Dampare’s leadership style and purported membership in the opposition National Democratic Congress will make the NPP’s “Breaking the 8” goal difficult. “Alhaji, the current IGP is my sole issue. It won’t benefit us if we make a mistake and take him to the elections. It won’t help us at all, and I won’t care if the position isn’t handed to me as long as that man is replaced. He won’t help us at all, and he won’t help the party either. “I know there are others who are as qualified for this position; if I don’t get it and this man is replaced and those others that we believe to be our men succeed, it’s cool. You must break this eight. That is crucial; we must break the eight… One of the senior officers, who is thought to be a former regional chairman of the party and currently a traditional ruler, said to the senior NPP members, “I wouldn’t want a doctor to become the flagbearer and then we lose the elections. The senior police officer continued by acknowledging that sometimes elections involve manipulation to win, even though he appeared interested in becoming IGP and would not mind losing as long as a pro-NPP IGP was appointed. “This IGP is wrong; he won’t assist us. Alhaji, you have experience in politics, and you are aware that… The party guru agreed, adding, “Not only sometimes, mafia work is inside. Sometimes in elections, mafia work is inside. Regarding elections, organized crime is involved. The senior officer expressed bitter dissatisfaction with Dr. Dampare’s security arrangements, pointing out how they were unfair to the NPP and citing the recent by-election in Assin North as evidence.

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