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‘Plain refusal to grow up!’ – Oliver Barker-Vormawor tears into Sarkodie

Sarkodie’s release of “Try Me,” a song in response to Yvonne Nelson’s claim that the rapper could not wait for her to get rid of their pregnancy in 2010 as he drove her to have an abortion, has drawn harsh criticism from Mawuse Oliver Barker-Vormawor, the movement’s convener.

According to Yvonne Nelson in her book, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” Sarkodie did not accept the news of her pregnancy at the time and decided to terminate the pregnancy because she was not ready to give her child the experience of growing up without a father.

In reaction, Sarkodie released a song that was laced with coarse language to tell his side of the tale, highlighting the fact that the actress preferred to terminate the pregnancy despite his pleas for her to continue the pregnancy.

Barker-Vormawor expressed his displeasure with the lyrics on social media, labeling Sarkodie’s “Try Me” as repulsive.

I’ve heard juvenile rap music! But the tackiest thing I’ve heard in response to Yvonne Nelson’s book is Sarkodie’s song Try Me. blatant reluctance to mature Everyone makes errors. In a tweet seen by GhanaWeb, Barker-Vormawor chastised the rapper, saying, “Own yours.

On Father’s Day, Yvonne published her book, which has since caused controversy. Sarkodie was expected to respond, but some assumed he wouldn’t since he would be too busy with his tour.

On June 28, 2023, Sarkodie did, however, release a song in response to Yvonne Nelson.

Sarkodie, among other people, stated that Yvonne Nelson had several lovers; therefore, if she chose to recount the events of their encounter in 2010, she had to have been truthful.

Part of the lyrics said, “You can’t just play victim and paint a picture that she was just looking for love” from all her prior sexy encounters.

“I won’t sit here and deny that we had a thing. He sang in English, then said in Twi that he thought he had gotten a good girl until he realized there were others in line behind him. “First, I thought you were cool until I got a hint,” he said.

Translation of the song’s chorus: “If you don’t love me, leave me. Why do you keep bugging me? You went to give Kwame what was intended for me. I’ve started to cry.

“Leave me alone if you don’t love me. When you were leaving me, you didn’t let me know, and now someone else wants to be with me. Don’t try me, baby girl.

Sarkodie denied Yvonne Nelson’s assertion that he could not wait for her to end the pregnancy and claimed she made the decision to abort the child on her own. He claims that despite his requests for her to keep the child, she prioritized her education over the child.

Additionally, he requested that his doctor check her out, but Yvonne declined the offer in favor of the abortionist her friend had recommended.

He continued by saying that Yvonne had lately tried to persuade them to discuss the occurrence, but he had rejected her conditions.

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