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OSP exposes Cecilia Dapaah’s 2 skincare companies ‘owned via proxies’

The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) has informed the Accra High Court how controversial former sanitation minister Cecilia Dapaah claimed ownership of two skin care firms registered in the names of two separate individuals.

The OSP also revealed in court files published in the public on September 19, 2023, that one of the firms’ registration also connected to the minister’s residence.

Cecilia Dapaah said that the over 2.8 million Ghana cedis discovered during a search at her home were the revenues of a company, her sitting stipend as a government appointee, and funeral gifts.

Funeral contribution information:

The firm in dispute is Dermacare Cosmetics, a cosmetics company she purportedly controlled.

However, when the OSP checked the company’s registration records, he discovered that it was registered in the name of another individual.

They discovered another Dermacare Enterprise registered in Dapaah’s name with the minister’s address, but ownership was held by someone else.

Ms. Dapaah, the OSP stated, also claimed that some of the funds came from the sale of the Dermacare Cosmetics business in 2003; however, the OSP noted that the funds were in new currencies established in 2007, four years after the supposed sale.

OSP checked the business again and discovered that Dermacare Cosmetics was registered in 2018.

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