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Four Suspects Apprehended by Police for Involvement in Viral Video: Woman Stripped and Molested.

On the morning of June 13th, 2023, after preliminary investigation into the aforementioned video, the suspects were apprehended in Kupelga, Upper East Region, during a police intelligence operation.
The police have released a statement saying that they have arrested the suspects and that they are cooperating with the investigation. The suspects named in the statement are Awizore Amolt, Akolbila Asorwogo, Atibila Aladago, and Akolbila Ben.

The police department issued a statement on their official Facebook page saying, “We are in touch with the victim and her family, and arrangements have been made for a police clinical psychologist to provide her psycho-social support.”

The woman, said to be of Fulani descent, can be seen in the viral video that led to the arrest of the perpetrators half-naked at first, before she is completely stripped of everything she is wearing, showing her stack nakedness.
The video, which was widely believed to have originated in Zebilla in the Upper East Region, sparked significant outrage and calls for the immediate arrest and conviction of those responsible.

In response to the news, security expert Adib Saani warned that occurrences like these threaten national security.

“This is a highly risky step on the part of the kids of the neighborhood, as it lends credence to the terrorists’ storyline. Terrorists relish such events because they provide fertile ground for the fabrication of pretexts for subsequent assaults.

Terrorists should consider this event an open invitation. Crossing the line and attacking women and children is a major no-no.

Quoted as stating, “I am concerned as a security stakeholder because this could cause reprisals,” he voiced his concern.

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