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NPP is taking you for fools – Angry party member cautions Ashanti youth.

Social media users have started a discourse after seeing a popular video. In the one-minute clip, a woman who identifies herself as a New Patriotic Party (NPP) member is heard criticizing the organization. The woman in the video cautions Ashanti area youngsters and NPP supporters to be alert because the group is deceiving them. She made these comments in response to news stories about the NPP’s lavish spending on Tuesday, June 27, 2028’s Assin North by-election. The woman who spoke in Twi claimed that although the NPP invested a lot of money in Assin North, an election they ultimately lost, during the Kumawu by-election, which is their stronghold, they shared basic commodities like gari, rice, and Ghc 2.00. “What I’m claiming is true. You have to put your hands over your head and start sobbing for the young people in the Ashanti region, especially where the by-election took place. You are not respected by the NPP. The young in Kumasi and the surrounding area ought to be in tears because the party is playing you for a fool. Take a look at Assin North’s financial expenditures. Did you observe them share GHC 2.00, rice cups, or gari? “Even an old lady in the constituency got GHC 200.00 and GHC 300.00, but you sat there for the NPP to lure you with caps of gari and rice to vote for them,” the speaker claimed. The NPP woman also said that rather than voting for the party just because it is their stronghold, young people in the area should seek growth from it. “The NPP has no respect for you, and you act accordingly by punishing them for it. “You should not respect someone if they do not respect you. It’s past time you changed the attitude that says, “If a goat runs for office in the NPP’s name, we’ll vote for it.” Do you not want progress, she questioned.

Boanerges Amoako
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