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Nigerian chef reveals why churches need to reject some of its members.

A Nigerian chef with the Twitter handle @veekeejoe got people talking when he suggested that some churchgoers ought to be prohibited from entering the building. In a tweet, @veekeejoe stated that certain people’s religious dress is immoral and that these people should not be allowed on the church’s property. She emphasized how some Christians dress provocatively for church, giving the impression that they are going to a “club house.” There are many different ways to dress for any occasion, according to her, so Christians should think about their attire before entering God’s temple. “Churches really need to send back people who wear provocative clothing to church,” she wrote. It’s past time for everybody to understand that it was a church and not a clubhouse. Her tweet received a range of responses, with some people supporting her and others disputing her assertions. View remarks here. God looks at the heart, not our attire gang, says intimacybyhorlabeezy. till we notice bikinis in churches,” There is no need to dress up because you are welcome to come as you are, said naija_pr. “If you use a scarf to cover your chest this Sunday, nobody will go tell you next Sunday,” said oreo_elsie of churches that would provide them for those who dressed inappropriately to church. “People like to twist the truth to suit their purpose,” says the midpoint. Why would you wear immodest clothing to a place of worship and the Presence of the God you profess to serve if you can’t wear it to work? Bababayo: “God sees the heart is always their mantra. I adore Islam because it won’t let western ideologies alter its way of life. If a lady is born, she shouldn’t cover her hair when she enters a mosque. You should be afraid of stones if you don’t fear God. “Please ladies, stop wearing nothing but your underwear to church,” said chef.dnk. nellyb72: “Seconded!! For various events, there are different clothes. I once questioned a buddy of mine about what to wear if you were informed that you would be meeting the president. In response, she said, “Cooperate, wear offcus!” So you wouldn’t wear this tight and revealing little dress, yeah? I asked her. Why will she, she asked? and I asked her, “So why do you feel at ease wearing this dress to church?” She didn’t speak.

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