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Namibia puts up 40 crocodiles for sale to Quit conflicts.

According to news accounts, individuals have been attacked by wildlife in the Kavango and Zambezi regions of the country’s northeast. As a result, the authorities have decided to eradicate the wild lizards living there.
Tender offers to purchase the crocodiles must be submitted to the country’s Ministry of Environment by July 17th, the BBC reports.

Romeo Muyunda, a spokesman for the ministry, elaborated on the government’s decision, saying that the majority of the country’s wildlife lives outside of national parks, which has resulted in the persistent, terrifying crocodile attacks on people and their livestock in the regions.

Even though the tender notice is open to the public, not everyone who wants to acquire the crocodiles offered will be able to. A purchaser must provide evidence that they have access to appropriate housing for the animals. They’ll also cover whatever it costs to round up the animals.
Those interested in purchasing these crocodiles from Namibia must also possess the appropriate paperwork to export them from the country.

In January 2021, a group of visitors were visiting a crocodile pond in Ave-Dakpa, in Ghana’s Volta Region, when one of the female tourists was attacked by one of the reptiles.

The terrified tourists could be seen rushing in all directions in the chilling footage, yelling “Jesus” over and over again as they fled.

The tour guide allegedly did not feed the crocodile a chicken before the tourists tried to take pictures with it, contrary to standard procedure.

The lizard was patient while others took turns taking pictures with it, but it lost its composure when a woman accidentally stroked it on the side. The other vacationers ran for their lives as it suddenly became aggressive.

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