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Menzgold Ghana completes transaction validation exercise

Menzgold Ghana says it has finished collecting and verifying supporting documents for claims made in connection with gold trading transactions.

The completion of the validations, as stated in a statement dated July 29, 2023 and signed by the company’s management, is a major milestone.

“Following the Gold trading transaction claims supporting document collection and vetting exercise initiated, we are happy to announce that the validations have been successfully completed,” the statement stated in part.

Menzgold Ghana stated that it has worked with a trustworthy firm to electronically host the report and findings with limited access to protect data and maintain privacy.

They claim that by taking this course of action, data may be kept private and traders can easily check the validation standing of their trades.

We have worked with a COMPANY to host the report/results electronically with restricted access in light of the contractual confidentiality provision in the Gold Trading Agreements between our Company and Traders and in strict adherence to date protection.

Menzgold Ghana, the firm, has said that shortly, merchants will be able to digitally verify the status of their verified transactions and obtain a fixed payment date.

Traders will have the ability to digitally verify the status of their approved trade and their planned, legally binding payment date within the next few days.

In order to verify the status of their verified transactions digitally over the web, “Client shall be required to input their unique login credentials,” the statement continued.

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