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Lynx TV’s new series ‘Prophet Baddo’ premieres at Silverbird Cinemas

After a lot of waiting, Lynx TV’s new limited series, “Prophet Baddo,” premiered exclusively at Silverbird Cinemas and caused a big stir in the movie world.

The event, which was attended by many famous people and people in the business, was a big step forward for the new digital TV station and its production company, Tigon Creative Studios.

Since it was reported on June 19 that popular actor Richmond Amoakoh, also known as Lawyer Nti, would play the lead part, there has been a lot of talk about the show. As a well-known actor and a skilled writer, Richmond’s participation in the project as both the main character and the author made it even more exciting and raised expectations.

In “Prophet Baddo,” the story of a man who seems normal but ends up in strange situations is told. The idea of the show is that a man tries to get away from his problems by turning himself into an unlikely prophet.

The story looks like it will take you on an emotional roller coaster, mixing seriousness and humour in a way that is both unique and interesting. The whole group, including Fiifi Coleman, Princess Nkrumah, Andy Tetteh, Andrew Tandoh, and Henry Agbai, gives great performances, so watchers are in for a treat.

At the opening at Silverbird Cinemas, actors and actresses from the show shone in their stylish clothes. Fans and fans met with great anticipation, hoping to see their favourite stars and show their support for Lynx TV’s new project.

As soon as the lights went down and the first scenes of “Prophet Baddo” came on the big screen, the crowd was quickly drawn into the story. Everyone was on the edge of their seats to see what would happen in the next shows because the story was so interesting and the actors were so good.

The CEO of Lynx TV was thankful and excited about how well the first episode was received. “We are thrilled by how many people came to see ‘Prophet Baddo’ and how excited they were about it. It’s a sign of how hard our team works and how much they care, and we’re grateful to our fans for always being there for us. This is the start of a new era for Lynx TV, and we promise to keep giving our viewers the best material we can.

Tonight, “Prophet Baddo” will be shown at the Golden Eagle Cinema in Kumasi. This will give people outside of the capital city a chance to see it after the great opening at Silverbird Cinemas.

Those who couldn’t make it to the theatres will be able to watch the limited series starting tomorrow, July 23, 2023, on Lynx TV’s channels.

As the cheers rang through the theatres at the end of the screening, it was clear that “Prophet Baddo” had set the stage for a fun and memorable TV experience.

It will be a crowd favourite because it has the right amount of drama, humour, and exciting story. So, get ready to go on an exciting trip with “Prophet Baddo” and see how an odd man turns into a prophet who no one expected.

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