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Leaked Tape: Dampare is not an angel – Martin Kpebu

Despite persistent scandals, private legal practitioner Martin Kpebu believes that Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. George Akuffo Dampare would not be dismissed from his job.

Martin Kpebu noted Dampare’s strong popular support as a crucial element in his retention, but emphasised that the IGP is not without defects and that the concerns mentioned during the committee hearings must be addressed.

“As for IGP Dampare, we all know he has done a good job, and from the way the conversation is going, naturally, he can’t be removed anymore,” Kpebu said on the TV3 show The Keypoints.

“The President, it is too late in the day because public opinion currently shows that we support him, but he is not an angel, so where he has issues, they must be addressed.” They must be addressed. We can’t just claim that since he performed a good job in Assin North, we should put everything under the rug. No. Let us tackle the concerns of this promotion and the corruption that surrounds it.”

The seven-member ad hoc committee is probing a leaked audio featuring the IGP and has heard purported damaging charges regarding the Ghana Police Service. One of the witnesses, Commissioner of Police George Alex Mensah, accused the IGP of mismanagement and called him the worst IGP he had ever seen in his 31 years of service.

In response to these accusations, IGP Dampare said, “Honourable Chair, I think probably my brother wanted to say I am the best, and he mixed it because the records are there for everybody to see.”

Kpebu, on the other hand, raised several flaws inside the Ghana Police Service, including promotions that favoured junior officers over seniority, which ended in a court lawsuit against the IGP.

He identified politics, favoritism, and cronyism as issues that needed to be addressed.

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