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Koforidua murder: Why I personally handed my son over to the police – Mother speaks

Suhum-Nifa Ankobiahemaa, Nana Dede Klottey’s daughter, has explained why she personally turned her son over to the police after he informed her that he had killed his fiancée.

Nana Dede recalled how she persuaded her son to go home and wait for her when he called to tell her about the event in an interview after the Koforidua High Court heard the case between his son and the state (June 21).

She emphasized that although Abena and Kwabena were lovers and were accustomed to fighting and making up, she was still puzzled as to what had transpired to cause her death.

“It has happened, and I am aware that he is dating the girl. I was at a gathering when it occurred, and he called to let me know.

But because I support peace, I told him not to run away, told him to return home, and I drove from Accra to Koforidua before personally handing him over to the police.

“If it is done to me, as a mother, I won’t be happy. Lovebirds Kwabena and Abena frequently argue; anyone attempting to mediate becomes a third party. I treat them both like my children,” she insisted.

When they disagreed, Abena would frequently visit to complain about her son’s behavior, she continued: “But with what has happened, only God knows where and how this came about. May he be merciful to us. It has taken place.

Because she is a human being and someone’s daughter, I turned over my son to the police. I can’t protect him. That applies to me. I want the two families to come together so we can locate Abena’s last resting place.

The Eastern Region’s Trom, a neighborhood of Koforidua, was the scene of a 23-year-old woman’s murder by her lover, according to Accra-based TV3.

The woman’s lifeless body was discovered in her leased flat on the night of Saturday, June 17, 2023, after the suspect—her boyfriend—led them there, according to the Eastern Regional Police Command, which confirmed the occurrence.

The report also stated that a few of the deceased’s co-tenants expressed disbelief that such a crime had occurred without them overhearing any cries for assistance coming from her room.

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