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Kalybos under atteck

Popular Ghanaian actors Kalybos, Nadia Buari, Zynell Zuh, Hailey Sumney, and others were involved in a recent incident on a movie set that has ignited a contentious debate on social media. The performers could be seen having fun and showcasing the behind-the-scenes of the movie they were filming in a video that Kalybos posted on Instagram. The video’s use of Sarkodie’s “Try Me,” which was directed at fellow actress Yvonne Nelson, as the background music, as posted by Kalybos, has drawn criticism. Social media users’ reactions to this unexpected song choice have been mixed, with some expressing displeasure and condemning the actors’ behavior. Users immediately started posting comments about the video on social media networks, which varied from confusion to disappointment. One person expressed their displeasure with the music selection by writing, “Hmmm. I like the entire crew, but I don’t like the song, though. …despite the fact that Sarkodie is my Best Musician in Ghana.” Oh, you people are utilizing this horrible tune, another social media user commented. Or are you supporting Sarkodie because you are not on good terms with Yvonne? So shameful,” with the implication that the actors’ music selection was influenced by their unfavorable relationship with Yvonne Nelson. I thought they were meant to have each other’s backs, noorrr huh,” said one particularly irate user of the actresses Kalybos and Nadia Buari. Playing this derogatory, rude, and insulting song by @sarkodie directed towards Yvonne at their gatherings reveals that they may have all been secretly envious, jealous, and hateful of her for a long time. Wow, I’m really disappointed with @kalybos1 and @iamnadiabuari. These two have always been my favorites, and yet they do this. I’m not even backing Yvonne Nelson in this situation. I never imagined they could treat Yvonne Nelson with such bitterness and contempt as Sarkodie did. The other women clearly despise and dislike Yvonne because of her height and attractiveness, which allowed her to take big lead roles in nearly all of Ghana’s top-grossing films rather than them. As a result, they are resentful of her and obviously hate her. However, if people are upset with her for that, it is not her responsibility. But what is Kalybos Norr’s issue with Yvonne Nelson as well? It’s foolish and nasty to treat your fellow performers in this manner! These are some of the traits and attitudes that make us Africans feel complacent and content with our current level of mediocrity, which is a terrible truth. Background Sarkodie responded with a song titled “Try Me” after Yvonne claimed that the rapper had impregnated her in 2010 but forced her to abort the child because he did not want to keep it. He addressed Yvonne’s charges of pregnancy and denial in the song, saying that she had chosen to have an abortion. Sarkodie claimed that Yvonne was taking advantage of the fact that society prefers to listen to women more than men to manipulate the situation. On the other side, Yvonne resorted to Twitter to voice her displeasure with Sarkodie’s response, going on a series of rants about the songs that most offended her. The public avidly awaits new information regarding the Sarkodie-Yvonne incident as the debate rages on, hoping for a conclusion that fosters understanding and healing for all those involved.

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