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How to fix Bluetooth issues on iPhone and iPad

iOS Bluetooth problems are as ancient as the iPhone and iPad themselves. Bluetooth issues have a long history on iOS and iPadOS, whether you blame Apple for them or the nature of the frequent issues in iOS 15 that affect the majority of devices.

It makes sense why many people frequently post complaints about Bluetooth’s poor performance on numerous sites. Others claim that their iOS device automatically disconnects from Bluetooth accessories, while some claim that their iPhone cannot connect to Bluetooth gadgets.

Fortunately, there are a few tried-and-true fixes for the Bluetooth problem on the iPhone and iPad. Try out these 5 expert tips and tactics to resolve the “iPhone Bluetooth not working” issue if that’s what you’re looking for.

How to fix Bluetooth issues on iPhone and iPad

Numerous factors, including software defects, out-of-date software, and malfunctioning Bluetooth equipment, can cause Bluetooth difficulties on iOS.

note:Make sure your iPhone’s Bluetooth is turned on before moving on to the solutions. You can check the Bluetooth toggle in the Settings app or through the Control Center.

1.Toggle Bluetooth on Your iPhone

Turning the Bluetooth toggle on/off is the first thing I do to solve any Bluetooth connection issues I experience on my iPhone and iPad. And I have to admit, it usually does come to my rescue. Therefore, I’m going to rely on this simple but successful approach to work for you as well.

2.Update Your iPhone/iPad

I believe the issue may very possibly be caused by a software defect or out-of-date software if none of the solutions have been successful in fixing the Bluetooth troubles on your iPhone and iPad. In either scenario, updating to the most recent version of iOS/iPadOS will solve the problem.

3.Forget The Device and Pair Again

Make the Bluetooth accessory forget your iPhone and iPad if the Bluetooth problem still exists. After that, re-connect your iOS/iPadOS device to the Bluetooth accessory. By deleting the Bluetooth cache, this can occasionally resolve Bluetooth issues.

4.Hard Reset Your iPhone and iPad

The hard reset, sometimes known as a force restart, is another approach that has frequently worked for me in resolving typical iOS and iPadOS issues, including Bluetooth troubles. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to turn your iPhone on and off again.

5.Factory Reset Your iPhone

You can try to resolve the problem using this last resort if nothing else succeeds. You are essentially employing a blanket repair for your Bluetooth issues by factory reseting your iPhone, and it ought to work.

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