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Insults won’t work, respect womanhood – Yvonne Nelson hits Sarkodie

Only a few hours after Sarkodie shared his personal experience of how a pregnancy he had with Yvonne Nelson in 2010 was terminated through an audio track put on his YouTube website, the actress and playwright responded via Twitter.

Michael, insults won’t work. I admire women and am glad that the world can see both your acting and your true selves. This teaches young ladies valuable lessons. For a rap, you would receive applause.still doesn’t alter the TRUTH,” she wrote in one of her tweets.

She claimed that he was trying to minimize the suffering she had experienced as a young woman by using his trade.

“I described in my book how you made me pregnant and how you couldn’t wait for me to deliver the baby. how you INSPIRED me to get an abortion. As usual, you want to discredit a young woman’s suffering by using rap. We both have girls, so let’s see what challenges they face in life. #triedyou,” she continued.

Sarkodie became popular for the majority of last week after the actress Yvonne Nelson listed him in her autobiography, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” as someone she had dated in the past.

Yvonne gave a detailed account of how Sarkodie got her pregnant but requested her to terminate the child because he wasn’t yet old enough to be a father.

She further mentioned how Sarkodie had transported her to the clinic for the surgery but left her there to deal with the discomfort on her own.

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