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 I friend-zoned Banky W for over a year – Adesua Etomi-Wellington

Adesua Etomi-Wellington says that she friend-zoned Bank W for almost a year.

Adesua Etomi-Wellington, a Nigerian actress, believes her marriage to musician Bankole Wellington, aka Banky W, did not happen by chance.

She “friend-zoned” her husband, Banky W, for a year and a half before ultimately accepting his marriage proposal, according to her.

She feels that their friendship was crucial in the strength of their marriage.

She also wanted to establish a strong friendship initially.

She stated, “The friendship we started over a year and a half ago has played a very big role in how our relationship is today.”

Adesua said at a church session in Lagos that she first “friend-zoned” Banky W for a variety of reasons. She wasn’t sure whether he was the one for her, and she worried that marrying him would bring even more instability into her life.

“I blocked him for two reasons. For one thing, I wasn’t sure whether I had heard from God about whether or not this person was indeed my person. Actually, there are three. Second, I’m getting married to Banky W [laughs]. ‘My life is hectic enough as it is, why would I marry Banky?’ I thought. No way, no how.”

“And then thirdly, just trying to at least have a friendship,” she said, emphasising the value of friendship in a relationship. And I honestly feel that the friendship we built over the last year and a half has had a significant impact on how our relationship is today. My man is Banky W. He’d still be my guy if you took away the romance, sex, and everything else that goes into a marriage. My best pal is Banky.”

The pair married in a lavish wedding in 2017 and are expecting their first child in January 2021. They did, however, experience difficulties on their path to fatherhood.

Adesua claimed that she miscarried while pregnant with twins, and Banky W disclosed that they contemplated surrogacy after three failed IVF efforts.

During this difficult time, they received nasty remarks on social media for not having a kid sooner.


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