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I attended lectures 8 times as a Marketing student – Black Sherif

The popular Ghanaian artist Mohammed Ismail Shariff, often known by his stage name Black Sheriff, has spoken about how frequently he attended lectures while studying marketing at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA). Black sheriff, who had graduated from Kumasi Academy, enrolled in UPSA in 2021 to study marketing while also performing music. He enrolled in the aforementioned university and left a year later to focus on his music career. An interested journalist wanted to know what the Black Sherif had learnt about the program in school before dropping out as the musician was getting ready to perform at the 2023 Wireless festival, which was held in Finsbury Park in London. In response to the journalist’s query, he stated that because he spent most of his time outside of classes, he had no knowledge of marketing. You studied marketing in your first year of college, the journalist said in the video Kwadwo Sheldon posted on Twitter. I’m curious about something. Did you learn anything about marketing during your year of study that you could share with me? “Nope, I went to class like eight (8) times,” Black Sherif retorted. By performing on that stage, the multi-award-winning musician became the first Ghanaian performer and shared the stage with well-known American artists including Travis Scott, Ice Spice, 50 Cent, and Playboy Carti. After reaching the pinnacle of his career in 2022, Black Sherif has shown Ghanaians that he is here to stay in the music business. His well-known songs include “Kwaku the Traveller,” “Konongo Zongo,” and “Oh Paradise.” He is a Highlife and Hip Pop musician.

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