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I am in a very nice relationship now – Michy reveals

Michy, a TV personality and brand influencer, has opened up about her personal life, saying that she is happily coupled up.

She made this statement in response to a question from the UTV presenter about whether or not she would be open to reconciling with her ex-boyfriend, Shatta Wale.

Michy quickly replied that she still cares about the Dancehall musician, but that their relationship is more like brothers than lovers.

Michy also said that Ghanaians shouldn’t hold their breath for her and Shatta Wale to get back together since she’s in a happy relationship with someone.

No, I won’t use the phrase “remember how things used to be. Since we now share a child, our relationship has become more brotherly, and I owe him my support. I have openly demonstrated sufficient concern for him. We won’t lie and pretend it went away. The sweetness is still there, even if I have made some elements less prominent. She informed the presenter, “I am not good, but I am actually in a very nice relationship now.”

The media personality also expressed gratitude that she and Shatta Wale were able to reconcile their differences following their breakup some five years ago.

For the benefit of the child and any potential future company, I’m delighted we’ve put aside our issues, and I appreciate your post. She thanked God that they were able to put their differences aside and coexist peacefully.

This thread of discussion began after Shatta Wale tweeted his admiration for Michy’s new track.

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