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How to pay for your TV License in Ghana

Most Ghanaians are unsure of why they should pay and the point of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC)’s short code for TV license payments.

The Director General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) provided some pertinent details for the TV License in Ghana in an interview seen by

According to Prof. Amin Alhassan, many Ghanaians interpret the word “TV License” to signify something quite different. He claimed that the TV License is a levy on public media.

It is a radio and television receiving set license under Ghanaian legislation, the GBC Act of 1968. TV was Ghana’s most significant media technology in 1968, and the goal was to discover a means to make money.

Details on how to purchase a TV license in Ghana.

  1. On your phone, dial *447*333#
  2. Click on option 1 (Make payment)
  3. Select option 1 if you are using just one TV
  4. Now, Enter your name
  5. Select your Region from the options
  6. Select option 1, if your info displayed, is correct
  7. Now follow the prompt for the transaction

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