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How a strange little girl saved McDan from being murdered

Dr. Daniel McKorley has revealed alarming information about his near-fatal experience on the Ghana-Cote d’Ivoire border in his attempt to build his own business and engage in various sorts of agricultural trading. He claimed that this incident occurred in Jaway Wharf, a village close to Half Assini in the Western area, where he was attempting to work with several farmers at the time to engage in coffee and maize trading. Dr. Daniel McKorley, the Chief Executive Officer of the McDan Group, spoke of how a young girl spared him from being killed by assassins acting as farmers in his book, “The Path of An Eagle: Despair, Hope, and Glory.” “Jaway Wharf is a settlement in the Western region of Ghana, close to Half Assini, on the border with Cote d’Ivoire. I had to canoe across a lake to get to the village. I travelled all the way to the lake, and when I got there, two men came up to me and said that many farmers across the lake had coffee to sell and that they would be happy to help me acquire as much as I needed if I asked them to. I believed them because I thought they were neighbourhood middlemen trying to help. Back then, I used to conceal my cash in a compartment specifically designed for that purpose, hidden beneath the carpet of my automobile, he stated. “After leaving the automobile on the other side of the lake, I went with the two men, who led me into a little cottage in a village via canoe. Even though I had some cash on me, most of it was stashed in the car’s concealed storage space. When we arrived, the men gave me a seat, ordered me to wait, and then vanished. I was on pins and needles for a while. The two men were supposed to arrive any second and ask me to accompany them to where some enormous piles of coffee were waiting. A young girl, maybe ten years old, appeared out of nowhere as McDan waited for the said farmers and muttered a warning for him to find his way and flee the area since the men wanted to kill him for reasons they alone knew. “Panicked sprung to my feet. I was at a loss for what to do. I had no idea where I was because I was unfamiliar with the area. In addition, even if I had decided to leave the area before the women returned, my car was located all the way on the other side of the lake, and I had no idea how to paddle a canoe. After all the hardships I had endured in life, was that how it was all going to end? I had no other option at this point but to defend myself. I reasoned that if somebody tried to kill me, they would undoubtedly perish alongside me. McDan stated. “After I waited for a while, the two men returned with some lovely coffee samples in some little sacks,” he added. I was unable to immediately determine the veracity of the young girl’s claims. I watched the two men to see what they were doing. In order to go and bring the sacks, they want to see some cash. The girl had warned me that they could be crooks based on the expressions on their faces as they discussed money. McDan told them the money was put in his car and said, “I’m sorry you would have to follow me beyond the lake where I left my automobile. The men pulled faces, indicating they didn’t like my response, yet they were forced to drive me back to my car. Knowing that I was going to make a purchase, one of them questioned why I had to leave my money in the car. I sighed and kept quiet, trying to appear as unconcerned as I could to dispel any worries they might have had. They decided to follow me to the car to bring the money after some sly eye contact. Although I could have asked them to wait while I went to fetch it, I had already informed them that I was unable to paddle a canoe. “To my astonishment, a bunch of miscreants were waiting around the car when we arrived, looking ever ready to start trouble. I knew right away that they were a gang of criminals organised with the intention of attacking and tricking unwary clients who went into those places. The two men may have gone to let them know I was there after they went to bring the coffee samples, I surmised. As I moved towards the car and the door, they crept closer to me. Their jittery demeanour warned me to be cautious since they might be planning something terrible. The location of where I was taking the cash out of the car seemed to be of interest to the group. Although I felt incredibly tense, I tried to hide it by not displaying any symptoms of worry. He continued, “When I discovered what they were trying to do, I also started getting ready for what was going to happen. A crowbar that McDan always carried in the back seat of his car ultimately became the weapon that came to mind when he realised that he had to preserve his life since the situation appeared to be ripe for a large-scale battle. “In a split second, I bowed down in the car, appearing to extract the money, but in reality, I was making for the crowbar. One of the men moved to the other side of the car while yelling, “The money! The money!” as he approached me as if to assault me. Before he understood what I was doing, I had already inserted the hefty object on the left side of his neck after retrieving the crowbar. I turned on my heels as the man collapsed next to the automobile. I yelled, “If you come any closer, I’ll shoot,” and started to run, scanning my body as if I were hunting for a concealed weapon. The group delayed their approach to me when they heard the word “shoot.” I was running when one of the men who had taken me to the village came running across my path. I assumed he was going to dare me to shoot because he was certain I didn’t have a gun. That may have severely damaged my cover, causing the gang to swarm my location in an effort to overwhelm me. But the man would not easily succeed. I seized his head and swung him around as he attempted to block my path. In the battle, we both fell to the ground. But out of the two of us, I was the quicker. I immediately leaped to my feet and kept running,” he wrote. Dr. McKorley claimed that after reporting the incident to the local police, nothing happened as a result of his complaint. Frustrated, he soon left the area and went to Accra.

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