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GOtv customers to enjoy livestreaming of channels, programs

Alex Okyere, the MD of Multichoice Ghana, has revealed that the GoTV app would soon allow GOtv customers to access their favourite programmes.

Mr. Okyere claims that the forthcoming livestreaming function on the app is more evidence of GOtv’s dedication to serving the demands of its consumers by boosting access to its channels and enhancing the user experience.

Alex Okyere, who spoke during the inauguration of the GOtv Supa+ Package, said that the company has come a long way in the last decade since it first arrived in Ghana and is now available in 25 cities and towns.

He detailed some of the steps his organisation has taken to improve the quality of television broadcasts in the country.

GoTV first appeared on the scene 10 years ago, and since then it has provided cutting-edge services that are user- and budget-friendly for Ghanaian consumers. Customers no longer have to come into our offices to take care of common tasks like clearing mistakes, checking account balances, and renewing packages thanks to online tools like the my GOtv app.

“Soon, GOtv subscribers will be able to watch their shows on the move via a livestreaming app that can be accessed from any mobile device. We’ve been in business for barely ten years, yet we already provide Ghanaians the most comprehensive DTS available from a private company. There are nine different areas in Ghana, and we’re now in over twenty-five of them, he added.

Among the many interesting channels included with the GOtv Supa+ Package are Super Sports English Premier League, Super Sports Select 3, Studio Universal, Disney Channel, and Universal TV.

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