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GH¢15.1 billion financial infractions found in boards, corporations of state agencies, others – Auditor-General

The 2022 Auditor-General’s report is rumored to have uncovered more than GH15.1 billion in financial irregularities in the operations of public boards, corporations, and other statutory institutions.

According to a report by, the GH15,1 billion in financial irregularities in 2022 represents a GH2.4 billion decrease from the GH17,48 billion in 2021.

In addition to recoverable infractions totaling GH15.1 billion, administrative infractions amounting to GH47,28 million were discovered in the operations of public boards and corporations, according to the Auditor-General’s report.

According to the report, administrative infractions amounting to GH47.28 million represent only 0.31 percent of the total irregularities committed by state agency boards and corporations.

In addition to procurement and other irregularities, the administrative infractions cannot be recovered.

They were primarily found in the areas of outstanding debts, loans, quantities recoverable, currency, payroll, procurement, tax, stores, and contracts.

The report indicated that Auditor-General Johnson Akuamoah Asiedu ordered the agencies involved to ensure stringent implementation of its recommendations to ensure financial discipline in the administration of public resources.

The Auditor-General’s suggestions are listed below.

The report emphasised that administration of public boards, corporations, and other statutory institutions should adhere rigorously to rules and regulations regarding debt management.

“They should also implement proper policies for the management of loans and other receivables, as well as ensure that loans and debts are repaid on the due date, in order to prevent or reduce the incidence of bad debts,” the report added.

insufficient oversight and lack of safeguards

Cash irregularities related to the misapplication of funds, unauthenticated payments, and the unauthorised payment of board allowances to Council Members.

The unrecovered staff advances paid to Ghana Water Company Limited employees accounted for 14.47 million GH of the $23.51 million in cash irregularities.

The report emphasises that the irregularities occurred due to a lack of supervision responsibility and controls.

The failure of finance officers to correctly file and maintain records was a further contributor to cash irregularities.

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