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Family members pelt stones, rain curses, insults as inspector Twumasi appears in court for third time:

Following Inspector Ahmed Twumasi’s appearance and absence on Tuesday, April 20, 2023, dramatic scenes once more characterized the Asokore Mampong District Court in Kumasi.

A few family members who could not understand why such a murderer needed protection began cursing and abusing the killer police officer and the other officers they believed were protecting the murderer after he showed up in a car alongside police officers in both situations.

These upset family members of the deceased Victoria Dapaah nicknamed Maadwoa, who was killed in April 2023 at Adum – Kumasi, also pelted stones and water at them in addition to cursing and abusing them.

Some of the irate relatives who spoke with this reporter revealed that they don’t understand why a murderer of this kind would be carried in a vehicle with such extensive security.

Inspector Ahmed Twumasi, also known as Taacum, who was detained on April 23, 2023 in connection with the murder of Victoria Dapaah at Adum, is appearing in court for the third time. Despite the court, the police, and even the state pursuing the case, Inspector Twumasi has not had it easy dealing with the irate family members. Some of these enraged family members flocked to the courtroom during each of his three (3) appearances to hurl obscenities and curse words at him for committing such a crime.

The murderous police officer, who has been moved to the top court, is anticipated to make his first appearance there on July 13, 2023.

watch the video below:

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