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Ex-Ghanaian footballer claims to be Marcus Rashford’s father returns, warns football star.

Michael Boye-Marquaye, a Ghanaian resident in the United Kingdom who claims to be the biological father of Manchester United prodigy Marcus Rashford, has resurfaced, reiterating his previous claim.

In a viral social media video, Michael Boye-Marquaye, who claims to be an ex-footballer, claims to be Marcus Rashford’s father but has chosen to remain silent about the topic out of respect for the player.

Boye-Marquaye is frustrated because he believes Marcus Rashford has been rude to him, and he feels forced to look for his father.

In the video, Boye-Marquaye stated that he is not following his child because of his accomplishments, but rather because he wants the footballer to recognize him.

Boye-Marquaye screamed at Rashford, “I’m your father.” This has been going on for far too long, yet I have chosen to remain silent. You have the right to say whatever you want. To be honest, I adore Melanin (Rashford’s mother) and the spouse. If I do not tell you the truth, you, your children, and grandchildren will perish.

“I’m not in it for the money.” I’m on the lookout for you. I’m becoming angry. I’ve kept my tongue shut out of respect for you. I’m your father, and you’re welcome to come and see me whenever you want. “My hands are extended to you,” he declared.

Rashford’s mother recently spoke about the hardships she encountered while parenting her children, prompting Boye-Marquaye’s reaction.

“I used to tell the kids that I had already eaten because they’d ask, ‘Have you had yours?’ and I’d say, ‘Yeah,’ but I didn’t have anything to eat.”

I was only trying to survive. Marcus has now provided me with a home, and I periodically cry in my room. You’re reflecting on your adventure from the beginning to the end.”

According to a StarrFM report, Boye-Marquaye played for clubs in Koforidua (Eastern Region) and Tema (Greater Accra Region) alongside Okwahu United luminaries Hesse Odamtten, Ben Kayode, and Aboagye Dacosta.

Marcus Rashford was born in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England, to Melanie Rashford of St Kitts and Jamaican father, Joseph Rashford.

Marcus Rashforld had a great season for Manchester United in 2022/2023, scoring 30 goals in 56 games.

View the video below:

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