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Charging more than a year’s rent will be illegal when the new bill becomes law – Rent Control

The Rent Control Department has requested memos on the proposed rent bill from Ghanaian citizens.

In 2022, the Cabinet authorized the draught rent measure and sent it to the legislature for debate.

In light of this, Mr. Emmanuel Kporsu, Public Relations Officer for Rent Control, has requested memoranda from Ghanaian citizens.

He stated that the memoranda from individuals, organizations, and interested parties will go a long way towards refining the new rent bill.

As the House prepares to debate the draught bill, he implored all well-intentioned Ghanaians to pay close attention to the review engagements and contribute to its approval by communicating their recommendations and expectations to their respective members of parliament.

According to him, the new legislation makes it illegal for a landlord to require rent in advance for more than one month in a monthly lease or a tenancy of less than one month, or for more than one year in a tenancy exceeding one year.

Mr. Kporsu stated that a tenant will be in violation of the law if he pays for more than one year after the new measure becomes law.

In an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he explained that the new legislation was the result of extensive deliberations and proposals and that it will help to clear up the sector.

In addition, he stated that the 59-year-old rent law has outlived its usefulness.

We encourage Ghanaians to submit their suggestions and memoranda while the legislature contemplates the measure. This proposal can be presented to your representative, the Ministry of Works and Housing, and the Rent Control Department. Before the measure is considered and enacted, Ghanaians should take advantage of this opportunity to provide input. Mr. Kporsu stated: “We do not want a situation in which the law is passed and Ghanaians complain that they were not consulted.”

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