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Cecilia Dapaah’s Saga: My husband was sacked because he blew the cover of house helps – Ex-driver’s wife

The former Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources’ ex-driver’s wife, Cecilia Abena Dapaah, has spoken out about how her husband was fired after making a whistleblower complaint. The ex-driver’s wife, Madam Hannah Fosua, told Adom News in an interview that her husband was fired after advising the minister to be watchful of the actions and behaviour of the house helpers. She continued, saying that despite the fact that he had been her driver for 13 years, the minister paid him off by firing him without pay. He served her as a driver for 13 years, all of which were fruitful. Nearly a year has passed since he lost his job. They should call me if the woman asserts that I am lying. He didn’t receive even one Ghanaian shilling in compensation when he was fired, she claimed. Madam Fosua elaborated on the type of professional connection the former minister had with her husband by saying that she didn’t give as much thought to his security. “She used to go everywhere in the nation with him. He sometimes arrived in Accra at two in the morning. She didn’t mind how he got home, though. He was shielded by God, she told Adom News. Background The maids who worked for Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources Cecilia Dapaah are being sued by the government of Ghana for allegedly stealing a million dollars, as well as other amounts in euros and Ghana cedis over a period of time. There are four defendants in court, including the two named as the first accused (A1), Patience Botwe, age 18, and the second accused (A2), Sarah Adjei, age 30, all of whom are unemployed. In his summary of the case’s facts, Corporal Richard Anani of the CID police department indicated the accused’s explanation of how they were able to steal the money and other valuables, such as various articles of clothes, perfumes, and jewellery. “Sometime in June 2023, the complainants reported a theft of cash and some personal effects as indicated on the face of the charge sheet,” the summary facts stated in part. Prior to that, A1, the complainants’ housekeeper, was discovered to have used a duplicate key to open and enter the complainants’ bedroom. “A1 acknowledged the crime and named A2 as her co-conspirator, saying that while they were employed at the complainants’ home, she used to watch the front gate so that A2 could enter the complainants’ room and steal their money, after which they would split the loot. A2 was subsequently detained from her hiding place in Budumburam, a Kasoa suburb, for questioning. The investigation also revealed that A2 utilised some of the stolen funds to construct a three-bedroom, self-contained home in Budumburam,” the statement continued. The blatant thefts took place over a three-month period, from July to October 2022, at the couple’s home in the Accra district of Abelemkpe, according to an official charge sheet from an Accra Circuit Court. The defendants, Patience and Sarah, are being prosecuted on a number of counts of theft involving astonishing sums of money as well as a conspiracy to conduct a crime. In addition to financial assets, the accused is also accused of stealing Madam Cecilia Abena Dapaah’s personal items, including pricey clothing, handbags, perfumes, and jewellery. The stunning value of the stolen goods totaled 95,000 Ghana cedis and 95,000 US dollars. According to other allegations, Patience stole cultural artefacts from the minister’s husband, including six pieces of Kente cloth worth GH$90,000 and six sets of men’s clothing totaling US$3,000.

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