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Brymo  once demanded s€x to collaborate with Simi

Nigerian musician Brymo, born Olawale Olofooro, has stated that he once asked his colleague Simi for sex in order to record a song with her.

He said he wanted to try composing music with a female musician he was sleeping with.

Brymo apologised in a series of tweets for voicing such demands and ignoring collaboration with Simi in order to achieve his desires.

“A part of me wishes I could feel sorrow for requiring a partnership with the outstanding Simi. However, I am reminded that I was genuinely interested in experiencing the outcome of making music with a female artist I was bedding. “I then proposed the same to Efya,” he stated.

“I had to let go of the desperation, of course.” I didn’t plan to expect sex in exchange for collaboration at the time. “I wanted a sexy experience with my female collaborator,” the singer stated.

A part of me wants to be sorry for requiring a collaboration with the wonderful Simi.. yet I am reminded that I was indeed, and honestly, seeking to experience the outcome of making music with a female act I was bedding. I also suggested it to Efya.

Brymo, on the other hand, emphasised that he was not asking for sex in exchange for participation. “I wanted to get intimate to create intensity.”

“I swear I was looking for the experience.” I have never slept with a female collaborator. “I let it go,” he explained.

He also stated that he had no notion Simi and her husband Adekunle Gold were already in a relationship at the time.

“It took me years to figure out that they were together…First, I stripped them of features, and then they made it on their own…But I never planned to demand sex in exchange for features, he added.

However, Simi’s husband, musician Adekunle Gold, was not thrilled with Brymo’s confession.

Adekunle tweeted, “Do not disrespect my wife and family.” “Seek assistance!”

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