Wednesday, October 6, 2021
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Anglican Reverend Father captured kissing female students

A video of a Reverend Father locking lips with some female students of an institution has gone viral.

The clip, which is spreading like wildfire on social media, sees three students lined up and taking turns to exchange passionate kisses with the man of God behind a pulpit in the presence of a seemingly large congregation.

The act, which is termed as a “holy kiss” among persons familiar with it, seeks to officially welcome new converts of the school to the body of Christ Jesus.

Wearing a green and white liturgical robe, the Reverend Father draws each of the students towards himself and plants his lips on theirs.

The congregation, largely made up of students, are seen cheering as the supposed consecrated activity goes on.

Many are calling for investigations into the matter and a statement from the authorities of the school where the act took place.

Although some users have described the act as disturbing, others have decided to take the satirical position on the matter.

Check the video and tweeps below:




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