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Amerado isn’t a Kumerican; he’s stealing fame from Asakaa boys – Obibini

Obibini is still hot on Amerado’s case as he continues to poke from all directions. The latest is that Amerado is a leech stealing the shine of the Asakaa boys and riding on the Kumerican wave.

Obibini threw his latest missiles at Amerado on Mz Gee’s Simply Showbiz.

This time he attacked the foundation of Amerado’s brand and insinuated that Amerado is a fraud because he is undeserving of the Kumerican tag. He said,

“When Kumerican started I know Amerado sef the word noe come. He has been rapping on Class FM some years back. So, he’s been around. But Kumerican started with the Asakaa boys. It’s like that wave.

“I can also say I am a Kumerican because I am also from Kumasi. But we shouldn’t confuse that, because we are talking about the wave, the music is what we are talking about. The Drill (Asakaa), Amerado wasn’t part of that.”

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According to Obibini, Amerado is only recognized as a Kumerian because he tags with the original Asakaa boys and feeds off their exposure. He describes this as the ‘follow-back syndrome.

When asked to explain who Amerado is, Obibini said, “The kumerican boys, the little boys shining. He is trying to steal the shine from them.”

Obibini also mentioned that all the jabs and insults in the freestyles were just part of the game.

“I showed him intelligence. And I came down to the streets. And I showed him personal attacks. These are strategies, and it is a lyrical battle. Yeah, this is a lyrical battle, and I am coming with all the ammunition you got. He came with what he got. So I am not coming to sing praises to you.”

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Source: 3news.com



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