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A shocking accident: a 30-year-old guy is killed by a tipper truck in Manso.

The death of a thirty-year-old man who was immediately run over by a tipper truck in Manso Keniago, in the Amansie South District of the Ashanti Region, sent the community into sorrow.

The event occurred late on Friday afternoon while the young man who runs the well-known restaurant Diasempa Enterprise at the Manso station was traveling back from a nearby town.

After getting off a tricycle, the man failed to take a step when crossing the street, according to a local reporter named Nana Ampong Tilesman for Ultimate News.

He departed for the next town at around three o’clock. He had to exit the okada he was riding in and cross the street because it had dropped him off some distance from where he needed to go.

We noticed the tipper truck had gotten too close to him as he was crossing the street. Amponsah Tilesman told Ultimate FM, “All we witnessed was the truck hitting him down and driving him over, killing him instantaneously.

The driver left with the truck, parked it far away, and took off after spotting the angry locals.

However, according to information obtained by Ultimate News, the driver has since handed himself in to the Manso Adubea Police Department.

The deceased’s horribly desecrated remains, whose guts and other organs spilled out onto the streets, have been brought to the St. Martin Hospital in Manso Agroyesum.

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