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14 lessons black football stars must learn from Benjamin Mendy’s ordeal – Saanie Daara lists

Following the acquittal of French footballer Benjamin Mendy, former Ghana Football Association spokesperson Sannie Daara has offered insightful counsel to black football stars. Sannie Daara underlines the significance of taking efforts to preserve their reputations and deal with any issues in light of the recent surge of serious charges, notably surrounding rape scandals involving black and African sportsmen. Sannie Daara underlined the necessity for caution in intimate encounters, especially with women who could not completely comprehend their culture or have hidden agendas. In order to build a foundation of support and trust, he advised players to get married before they become famous and early in their careers. He also exhorted athletes to utilise the assistance offered by their clubs to help them overcome any potential deficiencies. The following lists Saanie Daara’s 14 lessons for black football players. IN THE AFTERMATH OF BENJAMIN MENDY’S ACQUITTAL, GUIDANCE NOTES FOR BLACK AND AFRICAN FOOTBALLERS IN EUROPE Steer clear of girls who frequent renowned nightclubs. The majority give you STDs, are gold-diggers, falsely accuse you of rape, have unintentional children with you for child support, or are media informants. *Avoid women who are unfamiliar with your culture or yourself. *Get married to a woman early in your profession, before you become well-known. *Refrain from sending too many texts. They might turn casual discussions against you. *Keep in contact with a select group of knowledgeable people that you can rely on for support and sage counsel. *Uphold the highest ethical standards both on and off the pitch by maintaining your personal integrity. *Respect boundaries: In every interaction, be sure that everyone involved has given their permission. *Seek legal advice: To ensure compliance, familiarise yourself with local laws and ordinances. ❇ Take care in how you engage with others. Make wise decisions by being aware of the potential effects of your choices. *Protect your reputation by being careful who you associate with and where you spend time. Have someone in the media defend and advance your reputation and image. Utilise club resources: Use the tools and resources offered by your club to help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter. *Be open with your club in communication. Keep channels of communication open with the club’s leaders so you may discuss any worries or problems. *Educate yourself: To negotiate cultural differences, keep up to date on the legal and cultural conventions of your host nation. *Put your mental health first. If necessary, get professional assistance. Throughout your work, put your mental and emotional health first.

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